Fragments of Family Life – the everyday story of a Mum, a Dad and their two children, and the cast of thousands that make up every family’s daily life – written as it happened some 30 years ago. Unexpurgated, a testament to its time.
As a parent, some of the incidents and ideas may raise your eyebrows, as a grandparent, you’ll just remember that was how we did things then.
You can either read it from the links below or click straight to a video version retold on behalf of D’Mum I was, by D’Gran I am now.

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Ping, go the strings…

Never tell yourself nothing worse could possibly happen, because – pound to a penny – something will. Sometimes you’d give £100 for a bit of company, but can’t spend a penny alone…

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Hankies, Hard Questions and Handbags of Mischief

A further report on the perils and pleasures of parenthood by Davina Lloyd: God, the Clinic, school reports and a progress report on the baby In the left-hand drawer of my mother’s dressing table among her treasures, all smelling of a birthday bottle of Chanel No. 5,...

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In Sickness and in Health

The honeymoon is over. My hitherto perfect relationship with my ten-month-old daughter is a scrap of history and a mere memory to me. Miranda had such an agreeable temperament, you see. She’d sleep through the night, eat egg, smile indiscriminately at strangers, wave...

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A typical month, huh?

This has not been a typical month. But none of them are, are they? Each month brings its own minor miracles and milestones in family life. Even so, this one has been more momentous than most for us. Benedict started school. He's a ‘rising five’ as they say, so his...

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