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Have you noticed, the world seems to have become a busier place – and time seems to be going faster and faster. You’ve just recovered from Christmas and the tulips are out. You’ve no sooner unpacked your August holiday suitcase than the Christmas decorations are back in the shops. And it isn’t just a function of age; the young are noticing it too, this speeding up of time.

When you’ve collected a quantity of experience by living through a quantity of time, you may feel that time is in short supply. “I can do everything I used to do, it just takes a bit longer,” we say. Well, that’s all right.

In this section, we offer you that most valuable of all things – quality time.

Make an appointment with yourself. Sit down for a moment and rest under the Listening Tree and give yourself a little while to reflect on what’s important. For yourself, for your grandchildren, and for your whole family.

Watch The Listening Tree

Make a Lap Grandad

A quiet time and a safe place to offer a small child – that’s what grandparents are for, aren’t they? But can you offer such a thing unless you have experienced it yourself. Join us to explore that peaceful space for yourself…

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Journey to the Quiet Place

Finding a place of stillness and peace within – perhaps the most important lesson to teach the young. But how will we know the way there unless we’ve travelled there ourselves… An invitation to tranquillity…

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The Very Imortant Thing

Whatever you think is the most important thing to teach your children: whether it’s how to get to the bathroom, or spell your middle name, or say please and thank-you… No, this thing is more important …for you and for them…

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Reflection on… ironing

A menial task, a necessary evil that’s ironing. You can’t do much when you’re doing the ironing. could this simple task offer the chance to reflect on the wrinkled bit of life, and how to smooth them out…

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Musing on Making Mistakes

Childhood is a learning time and learning means making mistakes. It is our job to give them the confidence to learn from getting things wrong. And we can reflect on how we deal with our own errors and mishaps…

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Beneath the Listening Tree

Why is there a brown patch in the grass under the seat where we sit in the park? Why do leaves fall off the trees? What use are earwigs? These and many other questions get asked and answered beneath the Listening Tree…

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New Every Morning

We wise old grandparents think that we have so much to pass on to our grandchildren. But actually every morning a young grandchild wakes with a message to share. So, listen up grandparents…

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