How To…

A number of  ways to do anything!

Of course, we used to know “how to” do pretty much everything, but it may have been a while since we did it. And grandparenting today requires a few skills that weren’t necessary (or even invented) when we were looking after our own kids. So, here is the “How to” guide to the widest range of activities you can imagine.

If you know 10, 6, 9, 7  or any number of useful tips about any subject, feel free to send them in. And if you’ve got a subject you’d like to know 10 or so things about, perhaps someone can find them out for you.

10 ways to make your home safe for toddlers

10 ways to make your home safe for toddlers

1. Move everything possible up to a level inaccessible to small children (and remember those things that have dangling cables.)Pack away the valuables/ornaments you treasure until they’ve grown up. 2. Invest in some safety covers for electric sockets.

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