Each day brings new miracles, new adventures, new events to make you laugh out loud and catch at your heart. And all from the safety of the grandstand seat called “Grandparent”.
Every visit is the opportunity for more magical moments. You’ll have many of your own, and while parents are busy with the parenting, you have the unique chance to capture the fleeting scenes and chronicle them for the family history book.
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Eight Lines of Eternity

Some great literature written to celebrate great historical events, and some simple words are written to celebrate deep love of simple things, Which will last the test of time?

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Buttons turn to go to the Ball

Once upon a time, a little girl was sitting on her grandmother’s lap getting ready to go off to play like Cinderella going to the ball. And what do you suppose most fascinated the would-be princess? Buttons, of course…

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The Tale of the Bold Brassica

Tiny morsels of mashed carrot, little portions of parsnips, sweet potatoes, fascinating rollable, squashable bright green peas, stewed, mashed avocado, she was the baby would eat everything until, she was given….

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A Little Clue

Meeting your grandchild before it’s born? Modern technology makes it a thrilling experience, but there could be some slight misunderstandings…

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