D’Blog is a collection of scribblings and experiences from the point of view of D’Parent or D’Grandparent, or it could even be D’Carer. It’s a sideways look at the themes that recur in family life – viewed, as everything is in the site – from the time-warp perspective of THEN, NOW and WHENEVER….

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Such sweet sorrow

Do you feel you’re serving a life sentence at home? Can’t imagine when or how you could leave your baby in the care of someone else? You can get time out for good behaviour..

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Love is blind

You may be able to read the bottom line on an eye test, but you can never see well enough to be fair to other people’s children….

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They do it differently abroad

Would you let your toddler eat octopus or stay up till dawn?  And how far could your child spit a melon pip? There’s a lot to to be said for the way they bring up their children abroad. For instance, here are some scenes that you'd be unlikely to see in the UK, but...

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Let’s talk rude!

You can clean behind their ears, but there may be some parts of your children you can't reach — what they hear with those little ears As soon as kids learn about words, they learn about rude words. And it's our own fault. From their first little grunts we teach them...

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The Emperor’s New Clothes

 They're all born naked, and some never look quite right in anything but a birthday suit. Children come in two sorts. The difference between the varieties is evident not when they are naked — not that difference — but when they are fully clothed. There are, in my...

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What has gone down the plughole?

Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater; baby will do all the throwing. If you haven't built an ark, lie back and enjoy the water works!   Bathtime is the best and worst of parenthood. It encapsulates extremes of duty and reward. The good bit is tucking your...

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Out of the mouths of babes

. . . come words of truth. But sometimes they're all too true. The many ways your children or granchildren can embarass you will turn you pink! From the moment your child can say its first word, it can embarrass you. The first word will probably - and un­justly - be...

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To Bed or not to Bed

. . . That's the question. Is your bedroom a haven of peace, privacy and passion? Take a look behind closed doors Considering that most babies are conceived in bed - well, given the nation's damp grass and modest character, it seems likely - it's a wonder that any...

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