A very warm welcome

… to this time-traveller’s view of parenting and grandparenting. You don’t get to become a grandparent unless you’ve already been a parent. If you’ve already acquired both roles, you’ll know that the view is very different. The events are precisely the same, but the perspective – the way you see them – is interestingly different.
Whether you’re about to join the ranks of grandparents or you’ve been a member of this singularly special club for a while, you are invited to look back and remember how things were THEN (see D’Mum), share how things are NOW (D’Gran), or reflect on … WHENEVER (A timeless blog of an assortment of comes up day-by-day, moment by moment). And if you want time to reflect more deeply on these things, try taking some time for yourself under the LISTENING TREE
The journey begins here… and you are most welcome to join me…
Davina Lloyd

Mum's the Word

Fragments of family life - THEN Recollected and re-told 30 years on

How it all began…

Once better known as a journalist and Agony Aunt, Davina Lloyd comes out of the closet as a mother...

Gran's the Word

Further family stories from the perspective of D’Gran, writing right NOW

The Listening Tree

Place to listen, place to learn. Easy listening – Reflections for a peaceful “TIME OUT”

Make a Lap Grandad

A quiet time and a safe place to offer a small child – that’s what grandparents are for, aren’t they? But can you offer such a thing unless you have experienced it yourself. Join us to explore that peaceful space for yourself...


Scribblings on the stuff that horrifies, challenges and delights families of all times. WHENEVER